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(2020 Season)

episode 1

NOW Is The Time To Create Your Dream Job

Don't wait—NOW is the time to create your Dream Job! Never Settle Show Episode 1 will teach you how to create the big vision you need to pull it off.

episode 2

TAKE CONTROL: How To Overcome Your Biggest Fear

On this episode of The Never Settle Show, Mario breaks down how and why people experience fear, and explains step-by-step how to move past it in order to live a more fulfilled life, both at home, and in the workplace. So if you have ever asked how to overcome your biggest fear? You need to watch this one.

episode 3

Comparing to Others Affects Mental Health! STOP IT

We're all guilty of comparing ourselves to others... BUT you can't let comparison affect your mental health or ability to succeed! In this episode, Mario Armstrong explores how social media makes it easier for us than ever to compare ourselves to others, but how that doesn't mean it has to be a negative force in our lives.

episode 4

The Way We Work Has Changed FOREVER

The way we work and the culture of work has changed forever. People are choosing freelance for the flexibility—but how do you prepare for the shift that is happening in the way we work?


On this episode, Mario Armstrong breaks down strategies and tactics to succeed in this new workplace.

episode 5

Dreams Have No Expiration Date - Accomplish Your Goals

Setting goals is TOUGH! If you want them to succeed you need to take concrete steps to reflect on your accomplishments, set the right kinds of goals, get momentum and progress, and then accomplish those goals!

episode 6

Embrace the Mindful Hustle

Life is a hustle. We live on automatic 24-7. We're all doing so much more with a lot less, but somehow we're getting it all done. But instead of living in our lives, we're living in the hustle—the chaos, the craziness.


But we can find balance by embracing the MNDFUL HUSTLE. It's a whole new perspective on living your life.

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